We are very pleased to announce the Shortlist for the 2014 SICBA (Scottish Independent Comic Book Alliance) Awards. These are the fourth annual awards, celebrating and promoting new creators in Scotland’s expanding comic book industry.

The voting for the shortlisted winners will take place by the public at Glasgow Comic Con 2014 on Saturday 5 July, with the Awards ceremony being hosted at CCA on the evening of Saturday the 5th (7pm – 9pm), the ceremony is free to attend, but ticketed.

SICBA 2014 Shortlist

Best Comic Book or Graphic Novel (supported by CCA: Glasgow)
Beginners Guide to Being Outside (published by Avery Hill Publishing Ltd.)
Crawl Hole (published by Craig Collins)
Crossing Borders (published by Rocket Puppy Press)
Dungeon Fun: Book One (published by Dogooder Comics)
The Standard #5 (published by ComixTribe)

Best Artist (supported by Homecoming Scotland)
Iain Laurie – And Then Emily Was Gone #3
Morag Kewell – Crossing Borders
Neil Slorance – Dungeon Fun: Book One

Best Writer (supported by Black Hearted Press)
Gill Hatcher – Beginners Guide to Being Outside
Colin Bell – Dungeon Fun: Book One
John Lees – The Standard #5

Best Cover (supported by Williams Bros. Brewing Co.)
Craig Collins, Iain Laurie and Derek Dow – Crawl Hole
Neil Slorance – Dungeon Fun: Book One
Jimmy Devlin – Saltire: Invasion

Thank you to all the submissions for making this year’s crop the most competitive so far, and thank you to the judging panel for taking their time to deliberate over the entries.


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